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Product U Pin – Round
About Product U-pins, also known as hairpins, are small hair accessories that are commonly used to secure the hair in place. They usually consist of metal and are available in various shapes and sizes. One popular type of U-pin is the round multi-color U-pin.
The round multi-color U-pin is a pack of 50 pins that come in an assortment of bright and vibrant colors. These colors include shades of blue, green, pink, purple, and yellow. The pins are made of durable metal and have a rounded shape that makes them easy to use.
These U-pins are a great accessory for anyone who wants to add some color and flair to their hairstyle. They can be used to secure braids, buns, and other updo styles, as well as for creating intricate hairstyles. The multicolor design also makes them perfect for use in children’s hairstyles or themed events and parties.
Aside from their practical use in hairstyling, these round multi-color U-pins can also be used for other purposes. They can be used as decorative pins for clothing or to attach badges and brooches to a lapel or bag. They can also be used in arts and crafts projects, such as creating colorful mobiles or as part of a mosaic.
When not in use, the round multi-color U-pins can be easily stored in a small container or bag, making them convenient to carry around on the go. They are also affordable, which makes them an excellent choice for individuals or businesses that require a large number of U-pins for their hair styling needs.
Overall, the round multi-color U-pin is a fun and practical accessory that is perfect for adding a pop of color to your hairstyle or outfit. With their versatility and affordability, these U-pins are an excellent addition to any hair styling kit or accessory collection.
Generic Name U Pin
Qty 1 Box, 50 Pcs
Country of Origin or Manufacture or Assembly India
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