Suma Grill D9



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Brand Diversey
Product Suma Grill D9
About Product Suma Grill D9 is a powerful and versatile cleaning solution that is designed to remove stubborn grease and carbon deposits from commercial kitchen equipment such as grills, ovens, and other cooking surfaces. This cleaning solution is trusted by professionals in the food service industry for its ability to deliver excellent results, even in the toughest cleaning tasks.
One of the main benefits of Suma Grill D9 is its strong formula. This cleaning solution contains a blend of active ingredients that work together to break down and remove even the toughest grease and carbon build-up. This helps to keep cooking equipment in optimal condition, which is essential for ensuring food safety and maintaining high-quality standards.
Another advantage of the Suma Grill D9 is its versatility. This cleaning solution can be used on a range of surfaces, including stainless steel, cast iron, and other metal surfaces, making it an excellent choice for cleaning a variety of commercial cooking equipment. Whether you need to clean a flat-top grill or a pizza oven, Suma Grill D9 can help you achieve a thorough clean.
Using Suma Grill D9 is straightforward. Simply dilute the solution in water according to the instructions on the packaging, and then apply the solution to the affected area using a cloth or sponge. For heavily soiled surfaces, you may need to repeat the process several times for optimal results.
In terms of packaging, Suma Grill D9 is available in a range of sizes, including a 5-liter container and a 20-liter container, making it ideal for commercial cleaning companies and other facilities that need to clean large areas regularly.
Overall, Suma Grill D9 is a highly effective cleaning solution that is trusted by professionals in the food service industry. Its strong formula and versatility make it an excellent choice for removing tough grease and carbon deposits from a range of cooking equipment, and its easy-to-use packaging ensures accurate dosing every time.
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Country of Origin or Manufacture or Assembly India