Magnet 30mm


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Product Magnet 30mm
Special Features
  • Size is 30 mm x 5 mm
  • Product is magnets
About Product The Magnet 30mm board pin is a type of pin designed specifically for use on magnetic boards. These pins have a strong magnet at their base, allowing them to be securely attached to any magnetic surface, such as a whiteboard or metal bulletin board.
The 30mm size of the pin refers to the diameter of the head of the pin, which is the part that is visible and used to hold paper or other materials to the board. This size is large enough to hold a variety of materials, including sheets of paper, notes, and cards.
One advantage of using Magnet 30mm board pins is that they eliminate the need for traditional push pins or thumbtacks, which can damage paper and leave holes in the board. These pins also offer greater flexibility and ease of use, as they can be easily repositioned on the board without causing damage.
In addition to their functionality, Magnet 30mm board pins can also be visually appealing, as they come in a variety of colors and styles to suit different preferences and decor styles.
Overall, the Magnet 30mm board pin is a versatile and practical accessory for anyone who frequently uses a magnetic board, providing a secure and reliable way to display materials without causing damage.
Generic Name Board Pin
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Country of Origin or Manufacture or Assembly India
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