Klin-N-Care Black Phynile – 5Ltr



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Brand Klin-N-Care
Product Klin-N-Care Black Phynile – 5Ltr
About Product Klin-N-Care Black Phynile is a high-quality floor cleaning solution designed to clean and maintain a variety of hard flooring surfaces. Its advanced formula and superior cleaning power make it ideal for use in commercial settings, such as hospitals, schools, and office buildings.
One of the key features of Klin-N-Care Black Phynile is its ability to effectively remove dirt, grime, and stains from a variety of hard flooring surfaces, including tiles, marble, granite, and other types of natural stone. Its advanced formula helps to break down and dissolve stubborn dirt and grime, leaving the flooring surface looking clean and shiny.
Klin-N-Care Black Phynile is also highly concentrated, which means that only a small amount of the solution is needed to achieve excellent cleaning results. This makes it a cost-effective cleaning solution for large commercial spaces.
The cleaning solution is easy to use, simply dilute it with water and apply it to the flooring surface with a mop or cleaning machine. It is important to note that Klin-N-Care Black Phynile is not recommended for use on wooden or painted flooring surfaces.
In addition to its superior cleaning power, Klin-N-Care Black Phynile is also highly durable and long-lasting. It creates a protective layer on the flooring surface that helps to resist dirt and grime build-up, keeping the floor looking clean and shiny for longer periods.
Klin-N-Care Black Phynile is also safe for both the user and the environment. It does not contain any harmful chemicals or substances that could cause harm to the user or the environment.
Overall, Klin-N-Care Black Phynile is an outstanding floor cleaning solution that provides exceptional cleaning power, durability, and safety. Its advanced formula and cost-effectiveness make it an ideal choice for commercial spaces in need of a reliable and effective cleaning solution.
Qty 1 Piece
Country of Origin or Manufacture or Assembly India