Kangaro Punch DP – DP 480


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Product Pack Information
Brand: Kangaro
Product Kangaro Punch
Special Features
  • Punching Capacity of 12 sheets
  • Punching diameter – 5.5mm, Punching distance – 80mm
  • Metal construction
About Product The Kangaro Punch DP – DP 480 is a high-quality, heavy-duty punch that is designed for use in a variety of settings. This punch is ideal for use in offices, schools, and other environments where a large number of documents need to be punched regularly.
The Kangaro Punch DP – DP 480 is made of durable materials that ensure it will last for years of regular use. It features a comfortable handle that makes it easy to use, even for extended periods. The punch can easily handle up to 480 sheets of paper at once, making it one of the most efficient punches available on the market.
One of the main benefits of the Kangaroo Punch DP – DP 480 is its versatility. It can be used to punch a wide range of documents, including reports, presentations, and invoices. The punch produces clean and precise holes, ensuring that your documents look neat and professional.
Another advantage of the Kangaroo Punch DP – DP 480 is its ease of use. The punch is designed to be simple and intuitive, so even people who have never used a heavy-duty punch before can easily learn how to use it. It also features a lock-down handle that makes it easy to store when not in use.
The Kangaro Punch DP – DP 480 is also incredibly reliable. Its sturdy construction ensures that it can withstand the rigors of regular use without breaking down or losing its effectiveness. This means that you can rely on it to perform well, even in the busiest of environments.
In conclusion, the Kangaroo Punch DP – DP 480 is an excellent tool for anyone who needs to punch large numbers of documents regularly. Its durability, efficiency, and ease of use make it a valuable investment for offices, schools, and other organizations.

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Country of Origin or Manufacture or Assembly India
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