ID Card Holder B2



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Brand: Silvi
Product ID Card Holder B2
About Product An ID card holder B2 is a small, protective case designed to hold and display identification cards. These holders can be made of various materials, including plastic, leather, or fabric, and come in a range of colors and styles.

ID card holders B2 are used by individuals and organizations to keep their identification cards safe and easily accessible. This is especially important for people who need to display their ID cards frequently, such as employees, students, or healthcare professionals.

One of the main benefits of using an ID card holder is that it helps to protect the card from wear and tear, as well as damage from moisture, dirt, or other environmental factors. It also helps to prevent the loss or theft of the card, as the holder can be attached to a lanyard, badge reel, or keychain.

ID card holders may also include additional features such as a clear window for displaying the card, a slot for a business card or other small item, or a clip for attaching to clothing or a bag.

Overall, an ID card holder B2 is a useful accessory for anyone who needs to carry and display an identification card regularly. It provides a simple and convenient way to protect and access the card, while also allowing for customization and personalization.

Qty 1 Piece
Country of Origin or Manufacture or Assembly India
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