Hand Towel 16″ X 26″


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Product Hand Towel 16″ X 26″
Special Features
  • Royal blue terry velour hand towel is the right size for any bathroom. One side is absorbent soft cotton terry, perfect for absorbing water. The other side is a luxurious velour that’s soft to the touch. Our hand towels are 16 x 24, the perfect size for tidying up. Made from 100% cotton, these towels are guaranteed not to lose color.
  • Safe-2-Bleach® towels are not affected by peroxide-based hair products.
    You can safely wash with hot water and chlorine bleach without fading or
    damaging the towel.
About Product Introducing the Hand Towel – a perfect addition to enhance the comfort and convenience of your home! This towel is designed to provide you with the ultimate comfort and convenience, making it a must-have for your bathroom or kitchen. Crafted from premium materials, this towel boasts a soft, absorbent, and durable design, making it an excellent choice for daily use. Whether you’re drying your hands, wiping up spills, or using it as an oven mitt, the Hand Towel is a versatile and practical choice. It’s compact size and easy-care design also make it a convenient choice for on-the-go use. So why wait? Order your Hand Towel today and experience the comfort, convenience, and durability for yourself!

Crafted from premium cotton, the Hand Towel is designed to provide superior comfort and absorbency. Its plush texture feels gentle against your skin, making it perfect for drying your hands, face, or body. The towel is also highly absorbent, quickly soaking up moisture to leave you feeling fresh and dry.

The Hand Towel is also incredibly versatile, making it perfect for a variety of uses. It is an excellent choice for drying dishes, wiping up spills, and even as a makeshift oven mitt. Its compact size also makes it easy to carry with you, whether you’re at home or on the go.

This towel is also easy to care for. Simply toss it in the washing machine and dryer for a quick and hassle-free cleaning. It is designed to hold up well to frequent use and washing, ensuring it remains in excellent condition for years to come.

The Hand Towel is a must-have for anyone looking for a high-quality, versatile, and durable towel. Order yours today and experience the comfort and convenience of this amazing towel for yourself!

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