Good Knight Combo Set


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Product Pack Information
Brand: Good Knight
Product Good Knight Combo Set
Qty 1 Piece
About Product The Good Knight Combo Set is the perfect solution to keep mosquitoes at bay and ensure a good night’s sleep. This set includes two products that work together to provide complete protection against mosquitoes.Good Knight Combo Set is the most technologically Superior Liquid Vaporizer in India. The Good Knight Combo Pack includes two effective mosquito-repellent solutions: a liquid vaporizer and a plug-in electronic machine. Together, these products provide comprehensive protection against mosquitoes and ensure a peaceful night’s sleep. The liquid vaporizer releases a powerful formula that repels mosquitoes, while the plug-in electronic machine provides additional protection with its adjustable timer and customizable settings. With the Good Knight Combo Pack, you can enjoy a mosquito-free environment without any hassle or inconvenience. It ensures low electricity consumption. Good Knight Combo Set is safe to use around children and families.

The first product in the set is the Good Knight Xpress System, a mosquito repellent machine that releases a powerful formula to keep mosquitoes away. It features a compact design that can be placed anywhere in your room, making it easy to use and effective. This device is powered by electricity and has an adjustable timer for customized protection.

The second product in the set is the Good Knight Active+ mosquito repellent refill, which is compatible with the Xpress System. This refill provides up to 60 nights of protection and is designed to repel mosquitoes with its active ingredient, transfluthrin.

Together, the Good Knight Combo Set offers a comprehensive mosquito protection solution for your home. It is safe and easy to use, making it an ideal choice for families with children and pets. With this combo set, you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without the nuisance of mosquito bites.

Country of Origin or Manufacture or Assembly India