Crystal Tape With/Without Dispenser


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Product Crystal Tape Without Dispenser (WPS029)
About Product: Crystal tape is a type of transparent adhesive tape that is commonly used for packaging, wrapping, and other general-purpose applications. The tape is made of a thin, clear film of polypropylene or polyester that is coated with a layer of acrylic adhesive. The resulting tape is highly durable and offers excellent adhesion to a wide range of surfaces.

Crystal tape is available in two forms: with a dispenser and without a dispenser. The version with a dispenser is designed for convenience, as it allows for easy dispensing and cutting of the tape. The dispenser is typically made of plastic and features a serrated edge for cutting the tape to the desired length. This version of the tape is ideal for use in offices, homes, and other settings where a quick and easy dispensing process is desired.

The version without a dispenser, on the other hand, is simply a roll of tape that must be cut manually. This version is often used in industrial settings or for applications where the tape is needed in large quantities, as it is generally less expensive than the version with a dispenser. However, it may not be as convenient to use as the version with a dispenser, as it requires a separate cutting tool to be used.

Overall, crystal tape is a versatile and reliable adhesive tape that is available in a range of sizes and forms to suit different needs. Whether you opt for the version with a dispenser or without, crystal tape is an excellent choice for a variety of general-purpose applications.

Product Details:
  • Color: Natural
  • Measurement: 6.7 X 6.7 X 2, 12 X 10 X 2.6
  • 1/2 inch, 1 inch, 2 inches, 3 inch
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Country of Origin India