Cross Foot Ruler 30 CM


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Brand: Cross
Product Cross Foot Ruler 30 Cm (1 Piece)
About Product Cross Foot Ruler 30 CM Super Foot Ruler Scale Measuring Scale Foot Gaj Measure Patti Ruler Scale Straight Measuring Tool Stainless Steel Ruler Foot Ruler For Students Scale For Kids.A cross-foot ruler, also known as a T-square ruler, is a measuring tool used in various fields such as architecture, engineering, and design. This ruler typically measures 30 centimeters in length and features a cross-foot at one end that provides stability and allows for precise measurements to be made.

The cross-foot ruler is often used for drawing straight lines and angles, as the cross-foot provides a straight edge that can be aligned with the edge of a drawing board or paper. This ensures that lines are drawn accurately and precisely, without any wobbling or deviation.

In addition to its use as a measuring tool, the cross-foot ruler can also be used as a guide for cutting and trimming paper or other materials. Its sturdy construction and precision measurements make it a valuable tool for anyone who requires accuracy and precision in their work.

Generic Name Plastic Scale
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Country of Origin or Manufacture or Assembly India
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