Color Paper Fastner Clips (Pack of 50)


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Product Color Paper Fastner Clips (Pack of 50)
About Product Color paper fastener clips are small tools used to attach sheets of paper together. They are often used in offices, schools, and homes to organize and file papers. A pack of 50 clips typically comes in various colors, making it easy to color-code documents or separate them by category.

The fastener clips consist of two metal prongs that are inserted through the paper and folded back to secure the sheets together. This method of binding is commonly used for reports, proposals, and other documents that need to be kept together but may require frequent additions or modifications.

The use of colored paper fastener clips can help to reduce clutter and improve organization, as they make it easy to keep related documents together. They are also a more cost-effective alternative to traditional binding methods such as staples or paper clips.

Overall, color paper fastener clips are a versatile and useful tool for anyone who needs to keep their documents organized and easily accessible.

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