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Product Clip Board Transparent
About Product: A clipboard is a tool used for holding papers in place, providing a flat and sturdy surface for writing, drawing, or other tasks. A transparent clipboard is simply a clipboard made of clear or transparent material, such as plastic or acrylic.The transparent material allows you to see through the clipboard, which can be useful when you need to reference other papers or notes while working on a task. Additionally, transparent clipboards can be used for presentations or displaying materials, as they allow viewers to see both the content on the clipboard and any information or graphics behind it.

Like traditional clipboards, transparent clipboards come in various sizes and styles. Some may have a built-in clip for holding papers in place, while others may have a built-in storage compartment for pens or other small items.

Overall, a transparent clipboard is a handy tool for anyone who needs a sturdy and versatile surface for writing, drawing, or displaying materials.

  • Size : 35 cm X 24 cm
  • Made of 4 mm acrylic
  • Application: Office, School, College
  • The clip is made of durable polished metal and has a low-profile design, while the spring is sturdy and long-lasting.
  • The clip corners of the item are rubberized to provide a firmer hold, ensuring greater security. This particular item is capable of holding up to 80-100 sheets of standard paper.
Generic Name Clip Board
Qty 1 Pcs
Country of Origin or Manufacture or Assembly India
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