Clax Peroxy – 25 Kg



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Brand: Diversey
Product Clax Peroxy – 25 Kg
About Product Clax Peroxy is a powerful oxygen bleach designed to provide exceptional stain removal and whitening results in commercial and industrial laundry applications. This 25 Kg pack is perfect for businesses that require a powerful and effective bleach that can tackle tough stains and brighten whites.
One of the key features of Clax Peroxy is its advanced formula, which contains a high concentration of active oxygen compounds that work together to break down and remove stubborn stains from a wide range of fabrics. This makes Clax Peroxy particularly effective at removing stains caused by food, beverages, and other organic substances.
Another great thing about Clax Peroxy is its ability to brighten and whiten fabrics. This makes it ideal for use on white or light-colored fabrics that have become dingy or discolored over time. Clax Peroxy can be used as a pre-soak, as well as in the main wash cycle, to help restore fabrics to their original brightness and whiteness.
In addition to its exceptional cleaning and brightening performance, Clax Peroxy is also designed to be easy to use. Simply add the bleach to your wash cycle according to the instructions on the label, and let the powerful formula go to work. And because Clax Peroxy is a concentrated formula, you can use less bleach per load, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to reduce their laundry costs.
Overall, if you’re looking for powerful and effective oxygen bleach that can remove tough stains and brighten whites, then Clax Peroxy is worth considering. With its advanced formula, versatility, and cost-effective design, Clax Peroxy is the ideal solution for businesses that demand the very best from their laundry products.
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Country of Origin or Manufacture or Assembly India