Cello Fine Grip Pen


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Product Pack Information
Brand: Cello
Product Cello Fine Grip Pen (1 Piece)
Special Features
  • Unique Elastic grip for comfortable writing
  • 0.7mm Tip gives Fine writing experience
  • A gentle and seamless writing experience is provided by the soft tip, which produces smooth and silky writing.
  • Material: Plastic, Color: Blue, Black, Red, Green
About Product The Finegrip pen offers a soft and seamless writing experience with its 0.7mm tip, making it ideal for precise and fine writing. In addition to its smooth ink flow, this pen features a one-of-a-kind elastic grip that ensures comfortable writing. With the Finegrip pen, you can enjoy a writing experience that is both gentle and precise, while the innovative grip provides optimal comfort and control.

The Cello Fine Grip Pen is a high-quality writing instrument that features a unique elastic grip for a comfortable writing experience. This pen has a 0.7mm tip that provides a fine writing experience, making it ideal for precise writing tasks such as note-taking, list-making, and letter-writing.

The soft tip of the Cello Fine Grip Pen produces a gentle and seamless writing experience that is smooth and silky. The pen’s plastic body is available in four colors – blue, black, red, and green – making it suitable for a variety of writing needs and preferences.

The elastic grip on this pen provides a comfortable hold, making it easy to write for extended periods without experiencing hand fatigue. The grip also prevents the pen from slipping while writing, ensuring that your handwriting remains neat and legible.

Overall, the Cello Fine Grip Pen is a reliable and efficient writing instrument that is suitable for everyday use. Its unique features make it an ideal choice for students, professionals, and anyone who values a comfortable and precise writing experience.

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