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Product Carbon Paper Blue
About Product Carbon Paper Blue is a versatile stationery product used for creating duplicate copies of written or printed documents. It is coated with a layer of ink or wax on one side, which allows for the transfer of the markings onto a blank sheet of paper underneath.

Key Features of Carbon Paper Blue:

1. Duplicate Copy Creation: Carbon paper is used to create a duplicate copy of a document by placing it between the original document and the blank sheet. When pressure is applied to the top sheet, the ink or wax on the carbon paper transfers the markings onto the blank sheet, resulting in a legible duplicate copy.

2. Blue Color: Carbon paper is available in various colors, and the blue color option offers good visibility and contrast. The blue markings stand out on the white or light-colored paper, making it easy to differentiate between the original and duplicate copies.

3. Versatile Applications: Carbon paper finds applications in various fields, including office work, business transactions, legal documentation, invoicing, and more. It is commonly used for creating copies of handwritten or typed documents, receipts, invoices, and other important paperwork.

4. Ease of Use: Carbon paper is user-friendly and requires minimal effort to create duplicate copies. Simply place the carbon paper face down on top of the blank sheet, position the original document on top of it, and secure the stack. Apply pressure with a pen, pencil, or typewriter, and the markings will transfer onto the blank sheet.

5. Compatibility: Carbon paper is compatible with most types of paper and writing instruments. It can be used with standard office paper, notepads, and forms, allowing for easy integration into existing workflows.

Please note that the information provided above pertains to carbon paper in general, and specific product details may vary depending on the brand and manufacturer. It is recommended to check the packaging or consult with the retailer for precise specifications and usage instructions.

Carbon Paper Blue offers a reliable and convenient solution for creating duplicate copies with ease. Whether you need to keep records, maintain accurate documentation, or create copies of important paperwork, carbon paper is a useful tool for various applications.

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