A5 Smart Books (WPE1224)


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Product Pack Information
Product A5 Smart Books (WPE1224)
About Product


  • Excellent finish
  • Only quality assured paper used
  • Highly durable
Product Details:
  • Paper Size: A5 (21.1 X 15 X 1)
  • Line Type: Single Line
  • Binding Type: Spiral Bound
  • Cover Type: Hardcover
  • Cover Material: PVC
  • Printing Style: Ruled

About Product: A5 Smart Books has excellent finishing. Only quality-assured paper is used in A5 smart books. It is highly durable. The size of the paper is A5. it is available in a single line. It has spiral-bound binding with hardcover. The hardcover is made of PVC. it is ideal for use in schools, colleges, and offices. 


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