A4 Practical Sheets – Plain – 20 Sheets (WPE1228P)


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Product A4 Practical Sheets – Ruled – 20 Sheets (WPE1228R)
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  • Size: A4 (28.1 X 20.2)
  • No. of pages: 20

Introducing A4 Practical Sheets – Ruled – 20 Sheets (WPE1228R)

Discover the perfect solution for organized note-taking with the A4 Practical Sheets. This pack includes 20 high-quality ruled sheets, specifically designed to meet your writing needs with precision and clarity.

Measuring A4 size (28.1 x 20.2), these sheets offer ample space to capture your thoughts, ideas, and important information. Whether you’re taking notes in meetings, or lectures, or simply jotting down daily reminders, these ruled sheets provide a structured framework for neat and legible writing.

The pack contains 20 sheets, ensuring you have an abundant supply for your note-taking tasks. With each sheet featuring ruled lines, you’ll have the guidance you need to maintain consistency and organization in your written work.

Crafted with attention to detail, these practical sheets offer a smooth writing surface that enhances your writing experience. The high-quality paper ensures optimal ink absorption, allowing your pen or pencil to glide effortlessly across the page.

Whether you’re a student, professional, or simply someone who values well-organized notes, the A4 Practical Sheets – Ruled – 20 Sheets (WPE1228R) are the ideal choice. Stock up on these reliable and functional sheets to elevate your note-taking efficiency.

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